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Authentic Personal Leadership Training Programs

Strengthen Your Leadership with Emotional Awareness and People Skills.

This comprehensive training is for leaders who have passion and curiosity for the human aspects of leadership, and for leaders who experience inexpedient limitations, shortcomings, or uncertainty in their role. This program is an intensive, demanding and amazingly fruitful journey into self-insight and integration of strengths and up-till-now untapped development potentials.

You can expect a riveting insight into human needs, motivations and the rationale in irrationality. You are going to feel more complete and gratified as a human being, and thus experience a depth of leadership that inspires confidence, energy and results.

Authentic Personal Leadership
6 Months Intensive Leadership Training:

  • 3 residual 5-day modules
  • 8-12 weeks’ practical implementation phase after each module
  • External follow-up days between the modules
  • A total of 120 training hours
  • Inspirational benefit for you, your employees, your superiors, and for your company culture

Date overview for training courses

APL-21, 1st Sem. 

22/04-26/04 2024

APL-22, 1st Sem.

16/09-20/09 2024

APL-23, 1st Sem.

03/02-07/02 2025

APL-24, 1st Sem. 

17/03-21/03 2025

APL-21, 2nd Sem.

24/06-28/06 2024

APL-22, 2nd Sem.

25/11-29/11 2024 

APL-23, 2nd Sem. 

28/04-02/05 2025

APL-24, 2nd Sem.

12/05-16/05 2025

APL-21, 3rd Sem.

12/08-16/08 2024

APL-22, 3rd Sem. 

20/01-24/01 2025

APL-23, 3rd Sem.

23/06-27/06 2025

APL-24, 3rd Sem.

18/08-22/08 2025

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