Conversation Process

On this page, you can read about our conversation process consisting of individual coaching and therapy or relationship development for couples.

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Individual Coaching

Sometimes you need an outsider who can help you find your own path, considerations, nuances and answers. 

Coaching is a dialogical tool to activate the inner resources that are already there. Together we create an overall perspective of the actual situation, with all the nuances and predicaments, that are typically part of difficult situations. My role as a coach is to put the relevant questions, offer observations, mirror behaviour, and help generating energy to determine, choose, decide, and act.

Regardless of our role at work or in life, we at times end up in situations feeling stuck, indecisive, confused, or trapped in a too familiar yet unpleasant behavioral pattern, we want to change without knowing how. Often we get the help of family, friends and colleagues so that we can move forward. And sometimes this help is not sufficient for us.

In these situations it can be of great use to experience sparring with an outsider. A person who is not involved in you or your situation, who can stand clear with you, and really support you finding your own position, direction, and ownership of the actions you choose.

Individual Therapy

The only requirement is your willingness for own development. The talks are based on your wants / needs and become an enriching exploration of correlations and patterns that for better and worse influence your life. These types of dialogues provide energy, passion and more daring in life exactly the way you desire or may need!

Gain gratification in life and achieve what you yearn for, whether you experience:

  • Feeling distress, such as loneliness, sadness, anxiety, worry, depression
  • Crisis
  • Stress
  • Dependency issues
  • Difficulties with relationships
  • Difficulties with family, friends or work
  • Difficulties with career or profession
  • A want for more liveliness in life

A therapy process can become your sanctuary for enriching discoveries about yourself, uncovering resources and nuances in you. Exploring the sources of sadness, anger, frustration, loneliness or dependency also builds the road to greater joy of life and self-reliant strength and deepened relations.

Individual therapy provides the help you need to build self-care, courage, self-support, and better relational skills.

With every session you will gain nuances and insights and explore the richness of who you are and what you are capable of.

Relationship Development

Become better at being yourselves together – and thus at having a richer love relationship!

When we fall in love something magical happens. We feel light hearted, joyful, loving, lovable and we even become a more attractive version of our selves. We are often told that the state of falling in love is a kind of momentary insanity. Well, it’s not!

Actually it’s exactly this vibrant, vital and vulnerable version of our selves, which enhances our mental surplus, liveliness, meaningfulness and healthiness.

The longer we can sustain the strength of love for each other or refreshen that quality of love in our relationship the better prognoses for our health, life quality, the learnings we pass on to our children and so forth. And it’s mostly up to our selves and how we engage. There is a fine line between fighting each other and fighting for the relationship, and that is a maturity muscle most of us need to train!

Couple life can be so rewarding and loving when when you feel recognized and loved by another. That is important to keep in mind when becoming stuck into blaming games, distrust, doubt, and miscommunication. In couple counseling, you get support expressing yourselves to each other in ways, that will be heard and understood in depth by the other, and supported to really express and hear the underlying needs and longings.

There are always two sides to it when we fail to connect, and it sometimes feels impossible to find a mutual understanding of why that happens.

​Here you get help to sort it out together – And you learn how to deal with the vulnerable issues, that disturbs the contact and wellbeing in your relationship! With this kind of help you can restore and enhance the loving affectionate relationship, you once had, and probably both long for.

Couple therapy isn’t in any way a miracle cure. Rather it helps growth of your awareness of what can be done or expressed differently which might create the turning point you both have been longing for, and thus solve what may have seemed unsolvable. The outcome is often much better than what was hoped for.

Even where the love is lost and a break up has become unavoidable, couple therapy can help both to get on with life in a renewing way, finding ways ending the love relationship with worthiness, and retrieving the necessary compassion and respect for each other after separating.

This is particularly important for families with children. The children always suffer more when parents fail to make peace after separating.

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