Personal Development

On this page, you can read about the course regarding intensive development of your self-leadership.

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Authenticity, Passion, and Self-Esteem

- Intensive development of your self-leadership

Next dates are: February 5th - February 9th 2024

  • Enhance your wellbeing, energy and risk-willingness!
  • Gain innovative surplus for work – and for leisure!
  • Strengthen your ability for contact, intimacy, and boundaries – and gain inner peace!
  • Stop your stress mechanisms – Get your power back from whatever drained you!

This and more is what you can achieve through 5 intensive days immersion into your authenticity, passion and self-respect. This is an extensive introduction to the field of Gestalt therapy in theory and practice, that will boost your life perspective and revitalize your hidden resources.

Development of your personal resources

Develop or enhance the resources that are relevant for you: 

The more you use the full palette of your personality, the more energy and surplus you feel. And furthermore you regain sharpened senses, better situational awareness, greater emotional stance, improved impact, enhanced perspective, and a vivid boost of your well-being and assertiveness.

Our training methods are very intensive and exploratory, and consist of thematic teaching, exercises, deepening dialogues, creative challenges, integration of body and mind, use of the beautiful surrounding nature and personal reflection in intimate subgroups. Maximum participants are 8 persons. Responsible teacher/Gestalt therapist is Søren Ewans Porting. He has more than 25 years of Gestalt practice experience, and is certified from GIS-International. Anita Strandmark who is an experienced certified body therapist and tantric healer is also there to provide her expertise.

As we invite participants internationally, we adjust our language as best we can, i.e. English, Swedish, and Danish.

Practical information

This seminar broadly addresses adult people with a desire/want/need to explore themselves and their resources regardless of background, education or position. The seminar is strongly engaging and therefore very life and work enriching.

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