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Development Requires Control Loss

Most organizations have a large hidden and often unaware potential for significant improvements of productivity, innovation, and quality. Working up real dynamic development is awareness work. The hidden potential grows visible with the awareness of how control and irresponsibility goes hand in hand, and prevents true ownership of tasks and responsibilities. To succeed with a change process a temporary control loss is vital – when replacing old behaviors a deeper foundation of trust is necessary.

The process however increases both perspective, drive and commitment. It replaces habitual thoughts and duty-orientation with meaning and enthusiasm for all people involved. Lead 2 Succeed’s preconditions are:

  • respecting peoples outlook and situation as a platform for any possible change and development.​
  • to develop solutions tailored for the specific situation, and see this as a quality condition for any project!
  • having a the deep human expertise, as a the key factor for converting the hidden dynamic potentials.

Our Starting Point is Always the Need

To ensure that the organization, the team or the person receives exactly what is needed, Lead 2 Succeed takes the needs analysis very seriously.

Sometimes what is requested doesn’t match what it needed for reaching the set goals. Lead 2 Succeed sees it as a quality guarantee to ensure; that the project will optimize success, that there is a will to develop, and that the project is within Lead 2 Succeed’s core competency. Lead 2 Succeed has the ethics to reject projects, when the preconditions seem inadequate for creating success. Lead 2 Succeed creates integrative lasting ROI for the enterprise, the team and the individual.

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